AI Retailer Systems is a disruptor startup

The Swiss Handelszeitung thinks we are a disruptor retail-tech enabling retailers to create the shopping experience that makes consumers come back.

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Handelszeitung Podcast with our COO

Our COO relates our story in the HZ’s Upbeat Podcast.

AI Retailer Systems: Shopping of the future

We are featured in the 1st edition of the Swiss Handelszeitung in 2022 as a retail-tech enabling the Shopping of the future.

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Ai Retailer Systems wins Venture Kick

Ai Retailer Systems wins Stage 2 of Venture Kick’s 3 stage funding model. Ai Retailer Systems had won Stage 1 in May 2021. Venture Kick is the largest Swiss philanthropic tech-based Startup pre-seed capital & support agency.

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