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Retailing today

The Swiss grocery market reached 52 billion Swiss francs in 2017*. However,  the sales forecast for the next 5 years foresees revenue stagnation with a mere 0.6% CAGR (2017-2022). Retailers will have to improve their operational efficiency if they want to stay ahead.

Today, grocery retailers are unable to capture all their potential revenues because they are obliged to close at certain times.

On the other hand, end customers want increased opening times and to avoid wasting time queuing.

What's the solution

What's the solution

We offer a fully automatic checkout system, with an AI-based video analysis tool to identify in real time who is shopping, what products are picked up and invoice them to the right customer. Customers can leave the shop at any time and they will receive a notification with their shopping bill.

Retailers will be able to open 24h for registered customers, increasing sales, reducing costs and improving security. Our offering is complemented with analytics reports filled with actionable measures to improve store performance.

End customers will enjoy a new level of shopping experience and retailers will improve the monetization of their business.

What are we looking for

We want to expand the team. We are looking for software developers with experience in computer vision, AI/ML and front and backend technologies. Are you experienced in electronics? Are you a bright master student? Experienced in TensorFlow, Keras? Then, drop us a line!


Machine learning engineer

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About us

We are a small team of engineers and business experts working with agile methods.

We won the 2nd prize of the ETH EC award in May 2018. Since then, we´ve been working to make our vision reality. We have also recently won the Swisscom Kickbox competition.

We were accepted in the NVIDIA Inception program, which grant us access to special training and support from NVIDIA. We are collaborating with the ETH on the research side.

Our prototype was selected to be displayed in the Zurich main station as part of the SBB Sandbox program.

Our offices are centrally located near Zurich main railway station and also at walking distance from ETH main building.

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If you want to know more about our solution or you are interested to join the who is going to revolutionise retailing, just drop us a line and we´ll get back to you.

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