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Computer Vision to power 'Grab & Go' stores and Prevent Theft

Bring ultra-convenience to your Stores with automated checkout while minimizing theft

Our deep tech turns points-of-sales (POS) into Autonomous Stores delivering an unmatched shopping experience while preventing theft. Our promise to retailers is a solution with minimal POS retrofitting & highest accuracy.

How It Works

1. Get-in

Shoppers enter the store with a supported payment medium (e.g. debit/credit card, mobile payment etc.).

2. Grab

Items taken-off the shelves will enter the shopper's virtual cart automatically. And items placed back on shelves will be removed automatically, ensuring that the virtual cart is up to date throughout.

3. Pay & Go

Solutions for sending payment confirmations can be supported.

Other Services

Theft Prevention

Our real time theft prevention is like a virtual RFID tag (c) on every product without the hardware hassle that protects your most valuable assets from being stolen at any exit point, including cashiers and self-scanning systems.

In-store analytics

Shopping statistics measuring the effectiveness of the layout & item placements can be made available on daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal views for continuous improvement of the shopper experience.

Delight customers with seamless shopping in your stores

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Why work with us

Swiss technology optimized for unit cost

We are the leading Swiss company in Autonomous Stores. We are building Autonomous Store technologies optimized for unit economics, to maximize value for our customers.

European retailer relationships first

Retail is local and retail about the detail. Local products, local shopping norms and local regulations mean contextual experience in central European markets is key to ensure we can serve each retailer’s specific in-store shopping experience & automation needs best.


Accurate charging and privacy respecting at the same time, means a peace of mind for all parties. We develop to the virtues of Swiss engineering, European discretion and mutual respect for privacy & data protection.


Alejandro Garcia

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